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"Movement is key to the prevention of injury and disease. Treat your body well and it will do the same in kind."



Active Stretch Therapy for athletes and active people of all ages.


The human body functions as an entire unit.


In order for proper function each individual area of the body needs to be well balanced.


A good balance of flexibility and muscle function is achieved most effectively through Active Stretch Therapy.


Active Stretch Therapy helps prevent injury, promote circulation, speed recovery and enhance performance.


Repetative stress and compensation patterns occur within the body which lead to injury. 


By measuring imbalances in flexibility and function throughout the entire body a corrective program can then be established.


Active Stretch Therapy can help prevent or improve both acute and chronic conditions.


Active Stretch Therapy creates a natural “flush out” of the muscles relieving them of metabolic waste that leads to soreness.


This enhanced recovery is achieved by increasing blood flow through the muscles tissue, connective tissue and joints.


The result is decreased muscle soreness, increased joint range of motion and improved performance in athletic competition.


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Jeremy Mayer

Jeremy has over 15 years experience working with athletes keeping them performing at a high level and injury free. He trained and worked alongside world renowned musculoskeletal therapists in NYC for 8 years. This training was instrumental in him becoming a physio for USA track and field Olympic athletes, US Squash National team and other pro athletes in NBA, PGA tour and MLB. Jeremy also provides certification in stretch therapy to eligible candidates.

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Jeff Brannigan

Jeff's clientele ranges from those who are new to physical activity all the way to world champion and olympic athletes.  His experience as an elite athlete and therapist has instilled in him a unique and fundamental approach to structure and function.  "I have a passion for enabling people to do what they love by staying injury free and empowering them to maintain their health in the future."

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Brian Eshelman

With a degree in applied physiology and a Master's Degree in Acupunture, Brian has a thorough understanding of the human body. He has found stretch therapy to be "most useful in correcting imbalances and returning the body to proper function from injury." 

Miranda Dibiasio

Miranda is a recent graduate from The George Washington University where she completed her BS in Exercise Science. She is continuing her education in the Fall as a graduate student pursuing an MS in Exercise Science. As a member of the Varsity Cross Country and Track programs at GW she has used active isolated stretching techniques as part of her daily pre and post run routine for the past four years. Miranda has received training under Aaron Mattes, the creator of Active Isolated Stretching. "I am passionate about injury prevention, teaching functional movement, and helping people of all ages and activity levels achieve optimal health through fitness and nutrition!"

Liam Purdy

After graduation with a Biology degree from American University in 2017 Liam is now working towards his Master's in Health Promotion Management. He is finishing his illustrious collegiate track and field career as one of the top runners in school history. Liam made a name for himself after winning numerous medals including the 800M gold at 2017 PL indoors. This was of particular note as he won with only one shoe on! As a result he made national news including interviews on ESPN and MTV. "I have been using Active Stretch Therapy techniques throughout my career to stay injury free and look forward to helping others in the same way."



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