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Active Stretching With Stretch Science

Stretch Science is so much more than just "stretching." It is the culmination of research, hands on experience and immersion into professional sports over the past decade. Throughout this time athletes have counted on us to be on the forefront of sports injury prevention and recovery methods. They make a living by being fit and performing at a high level. We make ours by keeping them that way.

After thousands of hours working with athletes providing various treatments we have always come back to one place. Stretch therapy. It ends up as the foundation for everything an athlete is doing during training and competition. Stretch therapy allows for rebalancing of the musculoskeletal system, return to proper body alignment and increased neuromuscular activation.

I hope that you can follow us as we continue to promote the benefits of stretch therapy. We will continue to educate ourselves and others on the newest findings in sports injury prevention and recovery. Most importantly we welcome you and hope that you can find all of the information you are looking for through our websiste and social media outlets. We pride ourselves on being very responsive so dont hesitate to email or call.

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