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Private Sessions

Private sessions can be held at one of our locations (Charleston, DC, NYC, Greenwich) or we will meet you at your home, office or while traveling. Choose your location below to book a session.

Initial Evaluation (90 minutes) - During this session you will be taken through our comprehensive, full body evaluation where we map out all imbalances and deficiencies in ROM. Information gathered will help us create an individualized stretching program to correct your specific problem areas.
Therapeutic Stretch (30 or 60 min) - This Stretch Science protocol is designed for anyone recovering from or looking to prevent injury. Your stretch therapist will take you through a corrective routine of active stretches to alleviate pain, promote circulation and re-balance the body. 
Sports Recovery Stretch (30 or 60 min)  - All Athletes and Active people can appreciate this Stretch Science protocol that helps speed recovery from training. By enhancing your body's natural recovery process and providing a flush of metabolic waste from the muscle tissue you can get back to training hard and enjoying the benefit of increased performance.
Isolated Muscle Activation (30 or 60- min) - This is a complimentary service offered to those athletes looking to take their injury prevention and performance to the next level. Our Isolated Muscle Activation work allows an athlete to more effectively stay well balanced and maintain range of motion gains achieved through our active stretching sessions.

Our small group classes are designed to teach you self care and specific corrective techniques for common problem areas (i.e. lower back, hips, shoulders and neck). A qualified Stretch Science instructor will guide you through proper Active Stretch techniques that are the foundation of our Stretch Science method. 

Education & Certifications

Looking to learn more about what we do? We offer Workshops and Certifications in Active Stretch Therapy. Contact us for an up to date schedule of these opportunities near you.


Looking to hire us for your team, business, or event send an email to

*Prices vary by location.

*All paid sessions and packages are non-refundable and expire 4 months after purchase.

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