Hear directly from our clients how active stretch therapy has helped them.


Matthew Centrowitz

2016 Olympic gold medalist, 2-time Olympian & 3-time World Championship medalist 1500 meters

"I've been fortunate enough to have worked with many great therapists in the sport of track and field. Jeff and the Stretch Science team are world class. They specialize in all the work I need during my daily training routine. With pre and post workout stretches they do a great job at keeping me healthy which is more than half the battle in the sport. I would suggest them to anyone who may be struggling with injuries or looking to minimize the risk of injury."

Brad Johnson

Ironman Athlete and Indurance Coach

I highly recommend any athlete use Jeremy with Stretch Science. He has kept me healthy and my body feeling good through training for the upcoming Ironman 70.3 World Championship. I know first hand how hard it is to find a therapist dedicated to catering to athletes like he does. I now build Stretch Science sessions into each of my clients programs to aid in recovery and performance throughout their training. I have seen them less sore and able to progress more effectively towards their race goals.

Emeka Okafor

11 year NBA career, NBA rookie of the year 2005, NCAAA Champion and most outstanding player 2004


"Thanks for all the help getting my body flexible and in game shape. The work I did with Jeremy made such a difference for me this season keeping me healthy." 

Dominic Leone

Major League Pitcher Toronto Blue Jays



If you are any form of athlete or active individual, Stretch Science is a resource you need to use. Jeremy was incredibly knowledgeable and personable. He was extremely helpful in preparing me for the upcoming season.

Nick Matthew

3 Time Squash World Champion, has won33 professional titles. Highest ranking in the world - #1, currently ranked #3

"I first worked with Jeremy during the prestigious Tournament of Champions Squash tournament in New York. I'd been struggling with a slight injury going in to the week but through Jeremy's work & active stretching I managed to find my best form & make the final. The techniques l learned through Jeremy have been so beneficial that I use them day in, day out both in training and competition. They help me stay at the top of the professional game even at the age of 35"

Chris Hanson

USA Squash National Team member, Pan American Games Bronze medalist, Ranked #71 in World

"Jeremy and the Stretch Science team have helped me from day one of my professional career. I had a hamstring injury that left me sidelined for about 3 months as I turned pro. The active stretch program they did with me not only helped me recover fully but stay injury free once I got back on the court. It is now an essential part of my training routine and they continue to work with me as I train and compete around the world." 

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"The active stretch program they did with me not only helped me recover fully but stay injury free"

- Chris Hanson, USA Squash National Team